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November 2015 Newsletter

John Peattie House Newsletter

November 2015

Hi All,

Where has this year gone to? Christmas and the New Year will be upon us before we know it.

The Residents have been practicing hard for the Nativity Play which will be held on Sunday 13 December at 9h30 for 10h00. Thank you to all those parents/guardians who have notified us whether they will be joining us or not and whether we need to get a small gift or not. If you have not done so yet, please could you do so as soon as possible. Thank you.

In the past some parents have contributed a monetary amount to the Staff Xmas Cheer which was then divided equally amongst the staff and paid at the beginning of January. But this year the majority of the staff have been outsourced to Feedem Pitseng. Ten senior staff have remained on the JPH books. Feedem Pitseng’s policy is that the staff may not receive any monetary gifts. Should you still wish to contribute to this fund I will consult with Feedem to see what they can do for the staff with the money that has been donated.

Thank you to two parents/guardians who so generously donated 10 bed protectors each after our Wish List appeal for bed protectors. Also a big thanks to all those parents who were approached who so readily agreed to pay for their child/guardian to receive a bed protector.

Please take time to have a look at our updated website. This is all thanks to Dion (Feedem Pitseng Site Manager) who in his spare time upgraded the site and made it more interactive. Our website is www.johnpeattiehouse.co.za Also check out our Face Book, Instagram and Twitter pages. All this can be accessed via our Website. Please note that you can donate via our Website too. So please let all your friends know.


The majority of the hail damage repairs have been done. We are still waiting for the contractors to return to finish off the touch ups. We would like to thank PMB Home Improvements who have so generously erected an additional car port and have pressure cleaned some of the roofs. They have started painting these roofs but still need to complete the job. This has all been done free of charge.

One of the geysers in Stardust burst and also damaged the ceiling above the stairwell. This was an insurance claim and all has been fixed.

The Mutual & Federal consultant came and did an inspection of the Home for insurance purposes. Everything is in order.


The Birthday party was held this month for Demeter (52), Melanie (41) & Gavin (54). Demeter had cake, cool drinks and popcorn with all the Workshop Residents. Pat Harry from St John’s United Church attended the monthly party and gave a present for Melanie. Thank you to Parklane Superspar for donating the monthly Birthday cake as well as the weekly viennas.

Some Residents went to watch the Nativity Play at TWC. They thoroughly enjoyed this.

Jackie Kruger and Cordwalles Boys’ Choir sang Christmas songs and playing guitars for the Residents. A short video has been posted on our Face Book page.

Residents were taken for swims when the weather was good.

Dr Kirkby came and did his weekly clinic and saw and treated some Residents. Mr Schiffler did foot treatment on a couple of Residents. Dr Shabalala from Townhill Hospital saw one of our Residents who was experiencing psychotic behaviour. She was no better and was admitted to Northdale Hospital waiting for a bed at Townhill Hospital.

The Occupational Therapist from Edendale Hospital came for a short while and did some therapy on some of the Sunrise Residents.


The Night Shift Supervisor, Louise, has been on 3 weeks leave. The Relief Supervisor, Mari, relieved for her. One of the Care Givers has been on 2 months sick leave with no sign of retuning yet and another will be going on maternity leave at the beginning of January. Feedem Pitseng along with JPH will interview for a temporary Care Giver to help with the shortage of staff.

The new Sister, Daphne Dicks, has settled in well.


Take Care

Anne & Karin

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