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March 2016 Newsletter

Hi All,

We would like to remind all parents/guardians to please notify the Home 24 hours before fetching a resident for catering purposes and medication to be dispensed. The sisters are the only staff that have access to medication and therefore need to know in advance.



We had some heavy rain, followed by a few leaks in Sunrise Boys. Dynamic Spray and Coatings have been called out to fix the roof. Our plumber came to clear a blocked sewerage pipe, fix a few taps, showers and a cistern. The electrician fixed and replaced a few light fittings and fixed the ceiling fan in the kitchen. Our temporary handyman came out to fix and replace a few door handles and connect a TV aerial. The Toyota Quantum was taken to SupaQuick to have the wheels rotated and aligned, we had to fit a new tyre at the same time. A few days later, one of the older tyres had a puncture and was taken back to be repaired free of charge. The Conquest was taken in to have a faulty brake light switch replaced. With JPH being higher than the surrounding areas receiving water from the same reservoir, we have been without water on two separate occasions due to the reservoir running dry, though the lower lying areas were not affected.

We would like to thank everyone that donated Easter eggs, Hot Cross Buns and cakes over the Easter period. We greatly appreciate each and every donation received.

The Destiny Team associated with One Life church has been visiting the Home on Wednesdays. The Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary has sent 5 ministers in training to do community service alternate Thursdays, they have been working in the gardens and spent some time getting to know the residents. The Occupational Therapist from Edendale hospital visited, focussing mainly on the wheelchair bound residents. Alison and 2 friends came and held a chapel service for the residents.



The monthly birthday party was held for Peter B (70), Marc (29), Kelly (24), Peter D (65), Michael (55) and Julie (51). Thank you to Parklane SuperSpar for donating the cake for the party. Peter B’s family visited and treated all the residents to cake and cooldrinks. Peter D and Marc had their own birthday parties which was arranged by their parents/guardians. Kelly went for ice cream with a few friends on her birthday. The hairdresser came to give the residents their 6 weekly haircuts. Dr Kirkby visited the Home weekly and treated quite a few residents for Upper Respiratory Infections, 3 were diagnosed with hypothyroidism after their 6 monthly bloods were taken. Some residents were treated for a few other ailments. One of the residents has had physio twice a week on her arm after she sustained fractures from a fall.



Wendy was on leave for 2 weeks and Meryl for a few days. Mari relieved for both of them. Mari took a day’s leave.

Daphne was on leave for 2 days. Anne is visiting her kids and grandchildren in New Zealand, she will be back on 21st April.


Take care

Karin & Lilian

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