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Hi there,


Greetings from a very dry, chilly Pietermaritzburg.

Thanks to a very successful fund raising luncheon and auction that one of our parents, Nicky Crowther, organised in Cape Town, we have been able to complete getting and installing all the JoJo/Roto Tanks that we require. Three tanks are on the main water line and two will collect rain water – whenever that may happen!!!!!

We appeal to all parents to help the Home by organising fund raising projects in their areas. We can help with providing Pledge Forms and we have a good website to help you advertise the Home. Every little amount raised helps the Home.

I would also like to remind you that we are participating in Casual Day this year. Casual Day is on the 2 September 2016. We will have Casual Day stickers available here at the Home. We appeal to you to please contact businesses/schools in your area who would like to participate and support the Home. Please contact Lilian or Anne at the Home for any enquiries.


Retha, the O.T. from Edendale Hospital Outreach Programme worked with the Residents in the Workshop and Sunrise.

SASSA came to the Home to sort out five Residents whose Disability Pensions had been suspended. They had to have medicals done and be re-assessed. We were fortunate that SASSA organised for Dr Soni to come to the Home to do the Residents medicals.

One of our mothers, Harriett Wragg, celebrated her 70th Birthday at the Home with some friends and all the Residents. She provided cakes, chips and cool drink for all the Residents and Staff.

Alison and ladies held the monthly Chapel Service.

One of our Dad’s, Des Mitchley, has organised a donation of a box of eggs every two weeks from National Chicks.


The monthly Birthday party was held for Bonita (30), Trent (15) and Awanda (14). Parklane Superspar very kindly donated the Birthday cake. Trent’s parents bought cakes and cupcakes on his Birthday for all the Residents and Staff.

Dr Kirkby had to treat quite a few Residents for Upper Respiratory Tract Infections as well as a few other ailments.

One Resident was admitted to Northdale Hospital overnight to control seizures and vomiting.

Mr Schiffler treated one Resident for foot care. He has a fungal infection of nails and feet so a nail clipping specimen was sent to the lab for a fungal culture.


On the 10 June we heard that there could be a possibility that taxis would block all access routes into town and we were worried that no day staff would be able to get to work. So Night Staff, together with Karin, Meryl and Mari, bathed and dressed all the Residents and made the beds by 6.30am only for all day staff to arrive on time!!!!

Janet has been on 3 weeks leave. Mari has relieved her on Night Duty.

Karin is on 2 weeks leave. Daphne is relieving her. She is due back on 11 July.

Beatrice Mchunu (Care Giver) officially retires at the end of this month.


Take Care

Anne & Karin

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