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September 2017 Newsletter

Hi All,

Thank you to everyone that participated in Casual day this year, we are hoping to purchase a stretcher for the Meds room with the funds raised.

Please remember that our AGM will be held on Sunday, 22 October 2017, 9:30 for 10am.

Thank you to everyone that returned their signed copies of the medical policy we sent out, we urge those who haven’t yet, to do so ASAP.

We are very sad to report that one of our residents, Melanie Willmers passed away peacefully at the Home on 18 September. We held a memorial service for Melanie in our Chapel.


SWAT Exterminators did their quarterly visit to spray the Home against cockroaches. The Toyota Quantum went in for its routine service. The D.I.Y. Guy has been quite busy this month, replacing door handles, repairing a door and security gate in one of the dormitories, bypassing two of the solar geysers and repairing leaking taps and toilets. A few of the emergency lights had to be replaced as well after one of the residents had broken them off. The greywater pipes by the flat above the dining room had to be replaced as they were rusty and brittle. Gareth’s Appliances did repairs to one of the washing machines.


The monthly birthday party was held for Alex M-B (34), Kristi (34), Luke (35), Piet (56), Chris (56), Zanny (41) and Ushen (29). Mrs Sutton very kindly donated the birthday cake and cooldrinks for the monthly party. Thank you to Pat Harry and the ladies from St John’s United church for providing a gift for Zanny as well as cooldrinks and biscuits for the party. Alex’s mom, Kristi’s parents and Luke’s family organized cake and treats for their birthdays.

Two residents were taken to Northdale hospital, one admitted for 3 weeks, the other was referred to Grey’s Hospital to have a C.T. scan done and discharged the following morning. One of the residents was admitted to MediClinic with very low blood pressure. Another resident was seen by an Ophthalmologist and has had a cataract removed at MediClinic. Dr Kirkby made his weekly visits to the home where he treated a few residents with chest infections and behavioural problems. The Speech Therapist from the Edendale Outreach Programme spent a morning with our residents. It was the Capital Climb on 2 September, some of the residents watched and supported the runners. Cordwalles School boys came to sing and play music for the residents at the home. A few of our residents were invited to Wykeham’s grandparents day where they watched a concert.


Sagri took a few days leave. Letitia was off sick for a few days. Milly has taken a few days off.

Louise went on a First Aid course.

Take Care

Karin & Lilian

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