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September 2017 Newsletter

Hi All,

Thank you to everyone that participated in Casual day this year, we are hoping to purchase a stretcher for the Meds room with the funds raised.

Please remember that our AGM will be held on Sunday, 22 October 2017, 9:30 for 10am.

Thank you to everyone that returned their signed copies of the medical policy we sent out, we urge those who haven’t yet, to do so ASAP.

We are very sad to report that one of our residents, Melanie Willmers passed away peacefully at the Home on 18 September. We held a memorial service for Melanie in our Chapel.


SWAT Exterminators did their quarterly visit to spray the Home against cockroaches. The Toyota Quantum went in for its routine service. The D.I.Y. Guy has been quite busy this month, replacing door handles, repairing a door and security gate in one of the dormitories, bypassing two of the solar geysers and repairing leaking taps and toilets. A few of the emergency lights had to be replaced as well after one of the residents had broken them off. The greywater pipes by the flat above the dining room had to be replaced as they were rusty and brittle. Gareth’s Appliances did repairs to one of the washing machines.


The monthly birthday party was held for Alex M-B (34), Kristi (34), Luke (35), Piet (56), Chris (56), Zanny (41) and Ushen (29). Mrs Sutton very kindly donated the birthday cake and cooldrinks for the monthly party. Thank you to Pat Harry and the ladies from St John’s United church for providing a gift for Zanny as well as cooldrinks and biscuits for the party. Alex’s mom, Kristi’s parents and Luke’s family organized cake and treats for their birthdays.

Two residents were taken to Northdale hospital, one admitted for 3 weeks, the other was referred to Grey’s Hospital to have a C.T. scan done and discharged the following morning. One of the residents was admitted to MediClinic with very low blood pressure. Another resident was seen by an Ophthalmologist and has had a cataract removed at MediClinic. Dr Kirkby made his weekly visits to the home where he treated a few residents with chest infections and behavioural problems. The Speech Therapist from the Edendale Outreach Programme spent a morning with our residents. It was the Capital Climb on 2 September, some of the residents watched and supported the runners. Cordwalles School boys came to sing and play music for the residents at the home. A few of our residents were invited to Wykeham’s grandparents day where they watched a concert.


Sagri took a few days leave. Letitia was off sick for a few days. Milly has taken a few days off.

Louise went on a First Aid course.

Take Care

Karin & Lilian

August 2017 Newsletter

Hi All,

We are pleased to announce that Lilian Strydom will be replacing Anne as the new Manager of John Peattie House. We wish her every success in her new position. Naomi Bouwer will be the new Administration Assistant as from 1 September 2017.

Please remember Casual Day on 1 September 2017. Thank you to all those parents, staff and friends for helping to sell the stickers for Casual Day. Please remember to return any unsold stickers and monies owing to the Home as soon as possible.


Ally’s Construction have finished laying the new sewer pipeline.

The Home will also be losing our “Handyman”- Gary. We would like to thank him for the many years that he has helped out at the Home at discounted rates. Timothy Bold from The D.I.Y Guy will help with the maintenance of the Home.

The Toyota Quantum has been at the panel beaters for repairs which was needed after two separate incidents.


The monthly Birthday party was held for Thandeka (25), Simon (44) and Pieter V. (28). Rob and Elaine Green kindly donated the birthday cake this month. Pieter Vermaak’s family spoilt the Residents with cake on his birthday.

Parklane Superspar has come under new management and have made the decision not to sponsor the monthly Birthday cake. This is so unfortunate because as long as I can remember they have donated the birthday cake. Caroline Hattingh who has had the Home’s best interest at heart, tried her very best for this donation to continue but was unsuccessful. She has since resigned from Spar. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Caroline for everything that she has done for the Home for the last +40 years.

SASSA eventually came to the Home to do two new applications for disability pensions.

Meryl and Sagri took Residents out for a drive and treats on a number of occasions.

One Resident was taken to Northdale Hospital as he was vomiting undigested food, coughing a lot and very weak. He was put on IV therapy and blood and sputum tests done. He was discharged 3 days later. His Psychiatric medication was revised and he is much better now.

Another Resident was admitted to Mediclinic with very bad seizures. Her medication was adjusted and she seems to be a lot better.

Another Resident was admitted to Northdale as she was having difficulty in breathing and was not swallowing food or medication. She was put on IV therapy and had a gastroscopy last week. She has now been referred to an ENT Specialist at Greys Hospital.


We were sad to receive Natasha Gillespie’s resignation, giving two weeks notice. Letitia Sutton is the new Relief Supervisor. She started on 18 August.

Well here goes, I am officially signing off on my last newsletter to you. I hope that you have enjoyed the monthly contact with the Home?

Take Care & God Bless

Anne & Karin

July 2017 Newsletter

Hi All,

It is with a very heavy heart that I wish to inform you that I will be leaving John Peattie House at the end of August. Gary and I received our Residence Visa’s to New Zealand and have made the decision to relocate and be closer to our children and grandchildren. I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you all for making my work experience at the Home a very pleasant one, and I leave here with very fond memories and will certainly miss you and all the Residents. I hope that I will be able to see some of you before I go.


Please remember Casual Day on 1 September 2017. We have the stickers available at the office. Thank you to those parents who have already started selling stickers.

We are still collecting for the Fete. Date still to be announced. Don’t forget to drop off those White Elephant items, books, CD’s, DVD’s etc.

Fire Alert did their annual inspection of the fire extinguishers.

A pulse Oximeter and head lamp were bought for the Medicine Room.

Thina Sonke have completed erecting the new fire escape for the flat above the dining room. This is thanks to a donation from Durban Round Table #2. Ally’s Construction have started digging the trenches for the new sewer pipes.


The monthly Birthday party was held for Biddy (40), Kegan H-J (20), Alex H. (32) and Carol (48).

The Robinson’s organised pies and mash for lunch for the Residents and ice cream afterwards for Biddy’s Birthday. Sagri took Alex and two friends to Yellowwood Cafe in Howick for toasted sandwiches and cake. Carol’s brother organised cake, party packs, cool drink and candy floss for all the Residents in celebration of her birthday.

When the Maxted’s visited Marc, they brought cool drinks and chips for all the Residents.

The six weekly haircuts were done.

One Resident was admitted to Mediclinic as he was in respiratory distress. X-Rays and bloods were taken and he was admitted to ICU. He was on IV antibiotics and was discharged 5 days later.

Another Resident was admitted to Mediclinic for incision and drainage of an abscess under GA. She was discharged 2 days later.

Mr Schiffler saw a few Residents for foot and nail treatment.

The optometrist came and tested a Resident for new glasses after she broke them. She tripped over some washing on the floor. She had a laceration to the eyebrow which required sutures. Her brother took her to Dr Kirkby.

Sagri went on a couple of drives with the Residents and gave them a treat.

Dr Kirkby came to do his weekly visit to the Home and saw Residents requiring treatment for different ailments.


Louise was on a month’s leave. Natasha relieved her on night duty. Janet will be going on leave for two weeks at the end of July, so Natasha will be relieving her on night duty as well. Karin took sick leave for 4 days. Daphne and Milly relieved her.

Take Care

Anne & Karin

June 2017 Newsletter

Hi There,

We will be participating in Casual Day this year. We appeal to you to please contact businesses / schools in your area and try promote and sell Casual Day stickers. Casual Day falls on the 1 SEPTEMBER 2017.  Please contact Lilian to obtain the stickers. The theme this year is “Celebrate Diversity”.

Please don’t forget that we are collecting White Elephant, books, CD’s, DVD’s etc. for our Fete. Date still to be announced.


SASSA came to do Life Certificates with all our Residents.

Fire Alert has finished installing the smoke detectors throughout the Home. I am just waiting for the Certificate to be issued so I can submit it to our insurance company.

Round Table #2 came through with a substantial donation so the two projects will be started shortly.

Our swimming pool had a few cracks in the fibreglass. Pool Magic have completed the repairs.

Three geysers burst and one geyser has had to have a new thermostat fitted.

Two fat traps have been fitted. One in the kitchen and the other in the staff dining room. This is cleaned once a week. This will stop the blockages happening.

Two extra cameras were installed and a monitor and computer have been put in the Duty room so that the Sisters can have access to the footage.


The monthly Birthday party was held for Bonita (31) and Trent (16). Bonita’s sister organised a cake for her birthday and Sagri organised a poster and balloons. Trent’s dad organised a cake for his birthday.

Some Residents enjoyed an outing to the Butterfly Farm. This was thoroughly enjoyed.

Our new Resident, Naquita Cardona, has settled well into the Home. Lilian and Meryl took her to Home Affairs to apply for her ID card. This was ready a week later. We can now apply for her SASSA card. We welcome her parents, Steven and Julie, to the JPH family.

Dr Soni came to the Home to see Naquita and Sbu to do their medical report for SASSA. Now we wait for SASSA to come and do finger prints and photos.

Cordwalles Boys Choir and Instrumentalist sang songs for the Residents.

The ambulance was called for one of our Residents who fell at bath time. She was admitted to hospital and it has been established that she had suffered a stroke.

Dr Kirkby came on a weekly basis to see and treat Residents.

An optometrist came to the Home. Some of our Residents and staff had their eyes tested.


Natasha did the First Aid Level 1 course on the 7th & 8th June.

Karin attended the Mental Health Forum at Townhill but it was cancelled due to no quorum. The next meeting will be held in August.

Daphne went on a weeks’ leave. Milly was sick on the 23rd – 25th June. Karin relieved for her over the weekend.

Louise goes on leave from the 26 June – 23 July. Natasha will be relieving for her on night duty.

Kind Regards

Anne and Karin

May 2017 Newsletter

Hi All,

Well it is that time of the year again when Pietermaritzburg hosts a number of events. Art in the Park, Cars in the Park, Royal Agriculture Show to name just a few. At the beginning of June, the Comrades Marathon will take place as well.

We were saddened to hear about the passing of an old friend of John Peattie House. Shirley Peel from the Azalea Lioness Club. We would like to send out our condolences to the family. Donations to John Peattie House are being received in lieu of flowers.

Mr Baumann’s wife also sadly passed away recently. Mr Baumann’s family Trust has in the past donated substantially for new buildings to be erected.

Durban Round Table #2 have kindly agreed to donate a large sum of money so that the old sewer pipes can be replaced as well as an old, rusty fire escape. We are most grateful for this contribution as we would never be able to afford to do these major repairs. We await for the official handover of this cheque.


The Cooker overhead extractor fan was professionally cleaned. This has to be done every 6 months.

Swat Exterminators came on their quarterly visit to spray the Home against cockroaches.

Fire Alert are still busy installing the smoke detectors. They have also installed three extra fire extinguishers as required by the Fire Department. They also installed another fire hose close to the back of the property.

We are still experiencing water cuts but thankfully the JoJo tanks are working well so the Home is not really being inconvenienced by them.

Keegan Hornby’s Aunt and Uncle donated bedding to the Home from their Holiday resort.


The monthly Birthday party was held for Debbie (41) and Robin (42). Thank you to Parklane Superspar for donating the monthly birthday Cake. Thank you to Elwyn for providing pies, cake, cool drinks and ice cream for all the staff and residents. Robin celebrated his Birthday at home. Robin unfortunately will be leaving the Home for good at the end of May. Janet, his mother, has returned to England and Robin will be joining her. We will really miss them both.

Four Residents and a Care Giver went to TWC Market Day.

Eight Residents went for a drive and had ice cream.

One Resident’s family were asked to fetch their child due to non- payment of fees and an unacceptable amount of arrears. She was fetched on the 1 May. Unfortunately due to the extreme financial pressures put on the Home, the Committee are going to have to be very strict on outstanding fees.

One Resident was seen by a specialist cardiologist. She had an ECG and ultra sound of the heart. It was found that she has a hole in the heart and will need surgery.

Another Resident was referred to a Specialist surgeon as he is continuously bringing up his food and has lost over 2 kgs. He had a gastroscopy and barium meal at St Anne’s. We are awaiting results and further treatment.

Dr Kirkby came on his weekly Clinic visits and treated Residents who had minor ailments.

Three Residents had foot treatment with Mr Schiffler.

One Resident went for her yearly check-up with the Dermatologist.

An interview was held for a new Resident, Naquita Cordona (22). She is a Grade 3 and will be admitted on 1 June 2017. She will be joining the Sunrise Girls. Our ad hoc Social Worker, Bronwyn van Wyk, was present at the interview.


One of the Residents bit a Care Giver. She had a Tetravax at her local clinic.

Lilian and Natasha attended a meeting for Casual Day in Durban

Take Care

Anne & Karin

April 2017 Newsletter

Hi All,

The temperature in Pietermaritzburg has suddenly gone from +30 degrees to an average of 24 degrees during the day and at night 9 degrees. Winter is on its way!!!

Due to new procedures being introduced to help eliminate cross contamination, the towels and face clothes are being washed on a more regular basis and are starting to look tatty. Sr Karin asked if all the parents/guardians could please purchase 2 x towels and 2 x face cloths for their child as soon as possible. Thank you.

Due to a poor response the braai scheduled for the 27 April had to be cancelled. Natasha will look at holding one when the weather warms up again and she has time to investigate a suitable venue. Due to her being on night shift it didn’t leave her enough time to organise it.

Natasha is wanting to hold a fete in the near future. She asked if you have anything you feel will be suitable to sell at the fete e.g. white elephant, books etc. please drop off at the Home.

Thank you to all those parents and friends of JPH for donating Easter eggs and Hot Cross buns. The Residents had a very enjoyable Easter egg hunt with clues and Easter bunny foot prints to help them.


The CCTV cameras have been installed and are up and running. All that needs to be done is for the recorder and screen to be moved to a more permanent position.

Fire Alert are currently installing the new smoke detectors.

Over the Easter weekend the Home was without electricity for over 48 hours and water for a day. Some of the flu vaccines that were in the fridge had to be discarded.

The DSTV was not working due to the monkeys swinging on the dish and moving the LNB.

The pool has two cracks in the fibreglass. This will have to be fixed as soon as possible.


The monthly Birthday party was held for Warren (38), Sbusiso (18) and Yvette (33). Parklane Superspar kindly donated the monthly Birthday cake. Warren’s family brought cake and chips for all the Residents for his birthday. Sbu’s granny brought cake and cool drink for all the Residents and biscuits for all the staff. Yvette’s family sent money for her Birthday.

Dr Kirkby saw and treated residents at his weekly clinic.


Janet went on leave and Natasha relieved her on night duty.

Daphne took a few days leave.

Karin attended an Indaba course/workshop on substance abuse at Albert Luthuli Hospital.


Take Care

Anne & Karin

March 2017 Newsletter

Hi All,

Thank you to the few parents who have indicated that they will be interested in attending a family braai on 27 April. If you are still interested, it is not too late to let us know if you would like to join us for a “bring & braai”? Please telephone either Anne or Lilian at the Home. The venue is still to be announced.


Unfortunately the Department of Health has cut the Home’s subsidy by 8%. This will have a negative impact on the Home but the Management Committee will endeavour to ensure that the Home will still provide the best of care for your child/sibling.

Our new switch board from Telkom has been installed.

The Quantum went in for its annual service as did the Conquest. The Conquest had to have a new fuel pump.

The cameras are currently being installed and hopefully by the end of the month Fire Alert would have started installing the smoke detectors. This is thanks to a very generous donation from the Estate Late M. Balcon.

The Occupational Therapist from Edendale Outreach Programme came and spent the morning with the Residents.

Sr Karin interviewed Ruhenden Naidoo (42) – M.R. behavioural problems. Currently no space available and the family were looking for immediate placement.


The Birthday party was held for the following Residents – Peter B. (71), Marc (30), Kelly (25),Peter D. (66) and Michael (56). Thank you to Parklane Superspar for donating the monthly birthday cake. Peter B’s family visited and treated the Residents to cake. Marc’s family donated money for the eats for the monthly party. Peter D. had cake with all the residents. Kelly went out with friends for ice cream on her birthday.

The Residents have been making the most of the hot weather by being in the pool although the water is starting to cool down now.

The six weekly haircuts were done.

Dr Kirkby came for his weekly clinic and saw residents for minor ailments and adjustments of medication.

Dr Kirkby referred one Resident to Dr Straughan – Specialist Surgeon at Hillcrest Hospital for repair to umbilical hernia which was done on 20 March. The operation went well and he was discharged the same day. He is recuperating at home.

Dr Bhikha saw one Resident at Medicross for extraction of a cracked back molar.

Mr Schiffler saw two Residents for foot and nail treatment.

The annual ‘flu vaccines were given to the residents who are allowed to have them.


Meryl went on annual leave and Natasha relieved her. Janet has started her annual leave so Natasha is on Night Duty relieving her. While she is on night duty, Natasha will provide the day Supervisors with a weekly programme of activities to do in the Workshop and outdoor activities.

Take Care

Anne & Karin


February 2017 Newsletter

Hi All,

We are well into 2017. How time flies? We have had some very hot days but also quite a lot of rain has fallen. Hope it has filled up the dams?

Thank you to some parents/guardians for notifying/checking that we have correct personal details.

Our new Relief Supervisor, Natasha, asks if any parents/guardians would be interested in joining their children for a bring & braai on the public holiday – 27 April at a venue to be announced? She just wants to check out some venues first, e.g. Queen Elizabeth Park or Cumberland. If you are interested, please contact the Home and put your name down and we will then contact you nearer the time with more details.


The Occupational Therapist from Edendale Outreach Programme came to the Home every 2nd Thursday and spent the morning with the Residents.

Telkom had to be called out to repair the telephone lines which were struck by lightning after some fierce storms. Our switchboard is very outdated and there are no more replacements. Early in March, they will be installing a new switchboard.

The Cordwalles school choir and band came to sing and play the violin & drums for the Residents. They really loved this and had fun participating and singing along.

Daisy went to the State vet for her annual rabies injection.

National Chicks continue to donate eggs every two weeks.


The monthly birthday party was held for Athena (48), Russell (40), Craig (44), Wiebeke (35), Paul (60), Karen Speight (66), Keegan Hornby (17), Jolene (38) and Wendy (58). Parklane Superspar kindly donated the monthly birthday cake. Athena, Keegan and Jolene had individual parties. Val Moore from the Westley Methodist Church visited Russell and gave him treats and some pocket money.

A company in Durban donated duvet inners and duvet covers but we had to collect them. So we decided to take some of the February birthday residents to the beach and have milkshakes at Wimpy while Lilian went to fetch the donations. This donation is thanks to Cheryl’s sister, Mandy.

We are still struggling with the outbreak of diarrhoea. This has been a particularly nasty strain. Should your child go down with it at home, we appeal to you not to bring your child back to JPH until it has fully cleared up. We have had 4 residents end up in hospital this last month due to dehydration, vomiting & diarrhoea and one Resident for UTI and pneumonia. We have implemented new controls and procedures to try and eliminate any cross contamination.

Due to the hot weather, the Residents have enjoyed lots of swimming. Natasha has done lots of activities with the Residents outside and in the Arts & Crafts Workshop.

Mr Schiffler saw two residents for foot and nail treatment.

Dr Kirkby came for his weekly clinic and saw residents for minor ailments and adjustments of medication.


Karin is back from her leave. She spent a lovely time in Germany visiting her mother.

Mari left at the end of January and Natasha has settled in well. Meryl has gone on leave and Natasha will be relieving her.

Take Care

Anne & Karin


January 2017 Newsletter

Hi All,

I trust that you all had a good New Year?

It has come to our attention that some parents/guardians have not notified the Home of any changes to their medical aids or personal details e.g. telephone numbers, address etc. It is of the utmost importance that these details be sent to the Home. If you have recently changed any personal details please could you contact the Home to see that we have the correct information on file? Thank you for your co-operation.


Dr Kirkby is busy compiling and writing out a “Medical Policy” for the Home. Once it is completed, Dr Kirkby will send it to Mr Hart-Jones for approval which will then be forwarded to all the parents/guardians for signing.

We had to call out the plumber to fix one of the geysers in Sunrise and a few other minor plumbing issues.

The JoJo tank for the kitchen was installed. This was thanks to a donation from Augusta Country Estate Golf Section.

Mr Hart-Jones is hoping to have the CCTV cameras installed by the end of February.


The monthly Birthday party was held this month for Letho (16) and Michelle (41). Thank you to Parklane Superspar for donating the monthly birthday cake.

Thank you to Elwyn Schenk for donating pies etc. and ice cream for all the Residents for their supper on New Year’s Day.

All our Residents are now back after the holidays.

We would like to welcome Keegan Hornby (16) to the Home. He is in Stardust. Keegan needed to be placed urgently. He is settling in well.

One Resident had to go for a bronchoscopy and biopsy at St Anne’s after x-rays showed specs on the lower lobe of his lungs.

Two Residents were referred to Wembley House for intravenous therapy after becoming very dehydrated due to diarrhoea. It has been very difficult to keep those Residents who had diarrhoea hydrated in the extreme heat that PMB has recently experienced.

Residents have enjoyed swimming in the hot weather. Thank you to Nicky Crowther for donating a couple of pool inflatables for the Residents to use and the Hattinghs’ for sunscreen. The basketball net and volleyball set have been a big hit. The trampoline has been moved so that it is more accessible for the Residents to use.


Mari Reyneke resigned at the end of December and will be leaving at the end of January. Karin and I held interviews before Karin went on leave and after the two short listed candidates had spent a morning at the Home, Natasha Gillespie was then appointed as the Relief Resident Care Aide Supervisor as from 20 January 2017.

Karin is on leave from 16th January to 12 February 2017. She has gone to Germany to visit her mother. Daphne and Milly are relieving for her.

Take Care


December 2016 Newsletter

Greetings All

Season greetings to you and your family. We hope that you had a Blessed Christmas and may you have a wonderful 2017.

On behalf of the staff, we would like to thank all those parents who contributed to our 13th cheque. We really appreciate this generous gesture.

The Christmas Play was well attended. We hope that you enjoyed this festive occasion? A big thank you to Alison Myburgh for all her hard work that she put into making the play a success. Thank you to “Mother Christmas” (Cynthia) and her helper (Lilian). This is always a highlight for the Residents. If anybody has any photos of the Nativity Play could you please email these to the Home – jph@gracenet.co.za. Our photographer unfortunately lost the photographs he took due to a technical error. Feedem provided the “Finger Lunch” which was delicious.

The Raffle was drawn and congratulations to the following winners:

1st Prize – Weekend away in the Cape Winelands – Lindy Pohl

2nd Prize – Handmade Patchwork single Quilt – Elwyn Schenk

3rd Prize – 12 Year Old Single Malt Whiskey – Jannie Nel

4th Prize – Voucher to the value of R300.00 from Dragonfire Beads – Beth Nichells

5th Prize – Voucher to the value of R200.00 from Granny Doris – Lesley Walton

6th Prize – Christmas Hamper – Janet Roberts.

Thank you to everybody who helped sell the tickets and especially Harriet Wragg for all the work she put into this raffle. A total of R8270.00 was raised.

We are sad to inform you that Anthony Loxton’s mother, Helen, passed away on 10 December.


The electrician eventually did the wiring for the generator to be installed and Gary built the hut. This installation is thanks to the 31 Club.

The one geyser in Stardust burst and a plumber had to be called out to replace it.

Elwyn re decorated Debbie and Athena’s bedroom with new curtains, duvet covers & cushions. A new built in cupboard was also installed.


The monthly Birthday party was held for Shaunn (51), Sean (32) and Cheryl (44). Thank you to Parklane Superspar for donating the cake.

Some Residents have enjoyed swimming when it has been hot, and a few Residents went to the Zoo and also had a picnic.

Twenty three Residents were away for Christmas. “Father Christmas” handed out presents after breakfast. Residents had mince pies for morning tea (thank you to the Hattinghs) and a wonderful lunch and supper. They had cake for afternoon tea which was kindly donated by the Scoufes.

Dr Kirkby came on his weekly visits and treated Residents for different ailments.


Sr Milly was on leave for 3 days over the Christmas weekend – Karin relieved her.

Mari was away sick for 10 days and Sagri was off sick for 3 days – Karin relieved for her.

Season’s greetings

Anne & Karin


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